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Clearing Right-of-way Land Requires the Right Equipment

Right-of-way land is an easement property which has been reserved for transportation purposes, such as a highway, public pedestrian walkways, rail transport, canal, utility lines, or oil and gas pipelines. This right-of-way on the property is reserved for the purposes of maintenance or expansion of existing services. Right-of-way work involves maintaining safe traffic flow, which is a concern not typically considered in other types of land clearing jobs.

In many cases, right-of-way land is characterized by steep hills and embankments, which present serious challenges for those tasked with clearing or maintaining this property. Job demands, difficult terrain, finish, and maintenance requirements will dictate what equipment capabilities will be required for the job.

Right-of-way jobs require a wide range of right-of-way clearing equipment to tackle the variety of terrain. Fence line work, detail work, and heavy grasses can be managed using Fecon compact land clearing tractors with mulching head attachments. Fecon tree shear attachments are effective for thinning, while Fecon excavator mounted mulchers are suited for selective tree cutting. Large-scale, high volume projects are best served by Fecon’s larger tracked mulching tractors with stump grinders and forestry millers, which will provide a workable finish and maximize acres-per-day productivity.

To optimize productivity and efficiency, the right equipment must be selected for the type of work to be done and the variety of terrain most commonly found in the right-of-way work area. The best attachments and undercarriage selections will enhance the cost-efficiency of right-of-way clearing machines.


125VRT Mulching Tractor

  • Cummins 3.8L tier 4 final, stage V engine
  • Fecon Power Management® system
  • Large, lockable service door on engine compartment
  • Dual engine air cleaner with pre-cleaner
  • Hydraulically driven reversing fans engine & hydraulic cooler
  • D3 undercarriage with 20″ single grouser tracks (SALT)
  • Spacious pressurized cab with suspension seat & adjustable joystick pods

225VST Mulching Tractor

  • OPERATING WEIGHT: 26,714 lb / 12117 kg
    80 gpm / 5000psi
  • Aggressive Lift Height; below grade range; superior tilt rotation
  • Even Weight Distribution front to back
  • Wide and Low Angle Visibility

325VST Mulching Tractor

  • Oscillating Undercarriage with 30” Track Shoes
  • Front Mount Lift Height 44” Under Cutting Tools
  • Large Tilting Cab for Service Access
  • Wide Engine Compartment Doors Sides and Rear
  • Air Suspension, Heated Seat
  • Large 7” Touchscreen Display
  • Keyless Ignition with Security
  • Factory Service Remote Connectivity Standard
  • IQAN controls with Fecon Power Management
  • 10″ In-cab Rear View Screen

FTX600 Mulching Tractor

  • Cummins 600hp QSX15 Tier III engine
  • Sauer Hydraulic Pumps controlled by Fecon’s Power Management System
  • IQAN Machine Operating System
  • High Reach Lift
  • Impressive power and performance
  • Oscillating all steel undercarriage and selectable float control
  • Service-oriented design
  • Tinted polycarbonate windows
  • Rear view large screen camera

BHP270 Power Pack

  • Powermanagement® microcontroller
  • Sustained peak grinding power
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Dramatically improves engine response
  • No power loss due to accessories
  • Captures full potential of grinding power and delivers superior performance


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Mulching Tractor


Mulching Tractor

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