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Standard Flow Mulcher is Anything But

(Lebanon, OH) As the president and sole employee of RJ Landscaping, Robert Walker is a one-man show. When he sought to grow his landscaping business into the forestry clearing arena, he upgraded from his tractor mower to a Bobcat T590 with a rotary mower. Business boomed, and he needed a mulching head that could keep up without breaking the bank.

The rotary mower was a good introductory machine for some light forestry clearing, but Walker was starting to get jobs from a homebuilder in his area. These jobs included lots up to five acres that were densely packed with saplings and eight-inch thick pines. To tackle tougher jobs, he needed tougher equipment. The Bobcat T590 has 66hp and provides 16.9 GPM running to the head. For years, there just wasn’t a product on the market that could deliver the quality Walker needed with that amount of power.

Earlier this year, Walker was researching options online and found the answer: the Fecon RK5015 Standard Flow Mulcher. Unlike Fecon’s High Flow mulchers, the Standard Flow mulcher can operate with 14-27 gpm while still providing Fecon’s signature durability and unrivaled mulching power. Walker was familiar with Fecon’s reputation for durability and superior design, and was excited at the fact that he could replace the mulcher without buying an entirely new Bobcat. He bought an RK5015 in March of 2020.

Armed with the new mulching head, Walker signed onto a five-acre clearing job for the homebuilder. The lot was so densely packed with two to three-inch saplings and ash, poplar and pines that he could barely walk between them. The trees were up to eight-inches thick, and Walker was instructed to leave the bigger trees on the lot so the homeowner could enjoy a wooded lot, but clear everything else. He fired up the Bobcat and got to it.

The RK5015 Standard Flow Mulcher’s adaptable mounting plates and close center of gravity made attaching it to the Bobcat quick and easy. Once it was fired up, it easily chewed up the young saplings, and even tackled thick pines thanks to rotor speeds of 2400-3000 RPM.

With a cutting width of 50”, a depth of 33” and the ability to use any of Fecon’s specially-designed tools and rotors, the RK5015 brings all the durability and performance that Walker was expecting based on Fecon’s reputation and packs it into a low-flow package.

Walker operates his RK5015 with double carbide teeth, which are widely adaptable to a variety of applications. While the double carbide teeth can’t be sharpened, both sides can be used, with a simple, one-tool replacement process. Less time replacing teeth means more time mulching, eliminating production down time.

“The beauty of the carbide teeth is that they’ll just whack whatever you throw at them,” he said.

Walker bought the RK5015 in March and has been so busy with forestry and land clearing jobs that he bought a Fecon Bull HogTM Mulcher, which operates on a higher flow range, starting at 24 gpm. With more power, the Bull HogTM can tackle thicker hardwoods and process smaller brush and trees even faster.

The RK5015 Standard Flow mulcher allowed Walker to venture into forestry clearing, and now the Bull HogTM is allowing him to take even bigger projects with thicker brush than before. Having more options allows him to tailor his equipment to the project: a small, thinned out lot can be handled with the RK5015, while the Bull HogTM comes out to play on the thicker, denser projects.

With limited down time and powerful mulching power, the Fecon equipment keeps Walker moving, a fact his customers—who pay by the hour—appreciate.

As a one-man land clearing team, Robert Walker is only limited by the amount of hours he wants to work in a day and how powerful his equipment is. With the Fecon RK5015 Standard Flow Mulcher, he was able to venture into forestry clearing for homebuilders in his area. Now, with the more powerful Fecon Bull HogTM attachment, he can take on even bigger jobs, allowing RJ Landscaping to keep on growing.

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