Bull Hog Teeth

Maximize uptime and productivity across different job site conditions

Viking Axe Knife

The Axe tool is easily flipped for a brand new cutting edge, doubling the tool’s life.

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Viking Sword Knife

The tapered tool body allows chip material to flow efficiently with an optimal attack angle. The Sword tool is double-sided and easily flipped for a brand new cutting edge.

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FGT Standard Duty

The perfect balance of performance, wear life, and durability, the Double Carbide is the standard tool offered in FGT rotors to work in a wide range of applications.

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FGT High Abrasion

Carbide wear plates are added to the body of the Standard Double Carbide tool, extending useful life in highly abrasive conditions by slowing wear to the body.

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FGT Stone

Ideal for areas where rock cannot be avoided, the FGT Stone Tool provides superior durability and wear life in more severe conditions.

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FMX Cubit Knife

Double-sided and easily flipped for a brand new cutting edge. This tool is faster at cutting, resulting in a finer finished product. A tapered tool body allows chip material to flow efficiently.

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FMX Carbide

A versatile tool for shredding material and improved durability. Ideal for applications that require ground engagement.

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The Most Durable

Mulching attachment on the market


Mulching Tractor


Mulching Tractor


Mulching Tractor

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Mark Middendorf

Senior VP of Sales

Mark is Fecon’s Senior VP of Sales and oversees the global sales efforts of all Fecon products. He has been with the company since 2012 serving first as President of SWX Group, a Fecon subsidiary, VP of Sales, and currently Senior VP. He gained extensive equipment sales and dealer management experience while working for Toro as National Sales Manager and Finn Corporation, ultimately becoming a Senior VP. He holds a BS in Communication from the University of Cincinnati.