Disc Mulcher


Fecon Disc Mulchers are the perfect attachment for locations where speed and efficiency are the priority. The bidirectional feeding and snipping made possible by a hinged door increases effectiveness and productivity. The disc mulcher comes in two sizes (36″ & 52″).

Hinged right side door

Top down & bottom up feeding

Left & right sweeping

Robust bearing carrier & oversized shaft

Integrated pusher pad with rake

Fecon Standard Warranty 12 Months / 1,000 hrs

Disc Mulcher Features

Fecon Stands Above The Rest

Versatile, Multi-directional Operation


  • TOP-DOWN FEEDING utilizing the bottom of the disc to mulch standing trees or come down of brush piles
  • BOTTOM-UP FEEDING using the intake feed and the body structure cut through trees, and then let gravity feed tree down into discs

  • SNIPPING: Cut top of tree with left side of disc, snip into standing tree by lowering the arm and then swinging right to left, repeat process until at ground level

  • LEFT & RIGHT SWEEPING: Fell standing trees with the left side of the disc, sweep left and right to mulch vegetation on the ground

Hinged Right Side Door


  • HINGED OPEN: Versatile for processing standing and felled material using the left and right swing
  • HINGED CLOSED: Closing the cutting chamber leads to improved finished material and limits debris dispersion
  • DOOR REMOVED: Optimum for open areas where productivity is key

Robust, Dependable, Innovative


  • Robust bearing carrier houses a heavy-duty bearing with an oversized shaft

  • Elastomeric coupler to protect hydraulic motor

  • Integrated pusher pad with rake style teeth for moving felled material or brush piles

Product Specs



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Disc Mulcher

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