Disc hawk


Introducing the all-new Fecon Disc Hawk!

This new attachment is perfect for those working in rural areas, including ROW clearing and maintenance, pasture reclamation, fire fuel reduction, and more!

The Fecon Disc Hawk for skid steers is a versatile and cost-effective tool for those who need to efficiently clear land and tackle large projects in a short amount of time.

top down feeding

bottom up feeding

back dragging


Fecon Standard Warranty 12 Months / 1,000 hrs

Disc hawk Features

Fecon Stands Above The Rest

tackle thicker material


  • Fell trees up to 14”
  • Process brush, overgrowth, and trees up to 6”
  • Ideal for applications where material dispersion is preferred
  • Compact driveline design allows for increased operator visibility

an adaptable platform


  • Two push bar locations allow more or less disc engagement depending on application
  • Use standard teeth for maximum efficiency or switch to carbide teeth for applications where ground engagement is required

    Brush — larger throat to gather material for high production

    Hardwood — guides felled material into disc for improved processing


    Broadcasting — high efficiency and material dispersion

    Processing — downward discharge to mitigate thrown debris and improve material sizing

varied mulching methods


  • Top-down feeding utilizes the bottom left side of the disc to mulch standing trees or come down on brush piles

  • Bottom-up feeding uses the right side of the disc to cut through the tree, lets the disc pull the three into the cutting chamber, and discharges material out the left side
  • Back dragging means the operator tilts the disc forward to engage material on the ground for cleanup
  • Felling employs the left side of the disc to cut through larger trees, then guides the tree with the push bar

Product Specs



Disc Mulcher - PRODUCT LITERATURE - Coming Soon

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Disc Mulcher

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